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Unexplained crying or colic, poor appetite or feeding problems, poor sleep patterns, and ear aches can all be from a malfunctioning nervous system, tracing back to the spine.

It is also important to understand that an infants spine grows almost 50% in length in their first year. If the child has a small problem it will literally grow into a larger problem, simply due to normal childhood growth.

Adjustments on infants and children are different than adjusting an adult.  The pressure is much lighter.

People of all ages, infants, young kids, growing adolescents, and adults all can benefit from Chiropractic care to keep their nervous system working at its best, thus optimizing our health.

Infants & Children

The birthing process puts harsh stress on the spine, especially the fragile bones of the neck. As babies grow, childhood activities can jar the spine and cause Vertebral Subluxations. Kids need Chiropractic care during this time of rapid growth to correct spinal problems before they become larger ones or more significant health problems. Many health problems that emerge in adulthood can often be prevented by having your children’s spine checked by a Chiropractor early.

Dr. Jessica Sundby has 5 children who have all been adjusted on a regular basis.  Noah didn't receive his first adjustment until he was about 4 months old.  He was having problems spitting up frequently after eating.  Dr. Jessica took him to her chiropractor and saw how much chiropractic helped.  Her second child was born and became colicky after a few weeks at home, after getting adjusted she became a much happier baby! Her other three children received their first adjustments in the hospital, just minutes after they were born!  She knows the importance of having a healthy nervous system and makes sure her family gets checked regularly.     

Move Well, Eat Well, Live Well!